First and foremost we are here to just be better than yesterday and have a good time in doing so.

 However, there are some rules to follow and they will be broken up into categories for entertainment reasons and ease of understanding.    

Ten CFEffingham Commandments    &   Just plain Common Sense Stuff 

The 10 CFEffingham Commandments

I.  I will attempt to sleep 8 hours every night, eat a clean natural diet most of the time, and drink 2-3 liters of water a day...

II. I shall strength train regularly

III. I shall stay consistent with your training 

IV. I shall work on Mobility and Flexibility Daily.

V. I shall not over train. I will take my recovery day even if I don't want to,

VI. If I don't want to compete in CrossFit Competitions there is no need to KIP on ANYTHING. Unless I really want to but  NEVER without proper instruction. 

VII. If I'm strong enough to lift it, I'm strong enough to put it away. 

VIII.  I will master the all versions of the squat, pushup, pullup, situp, and Olympic Lifts to the best of my ability. I can't do that is no longer in your vocabulary.

IX. I will show up on time (at least 5 mins early)

X. I play sports often and learn new skill regularly.

Rules to Train and Just Plain Common Sense Stuff

This is a Strength and Conditioning Facility

           This is a strength and conditioning training facility that depends heavily of the coaches' and instructors' training to keep everyone well educated and reaching there goals.  If you would like to work on something during "Open Gym" it must be approved by your coach and approval is EASY to get.  We have a training curriculum we follow and if you plan to work on a technique that we may be doing the next day it could interrupt your progress.  There is not 24 hour access here because we cannot train you in our sleep.  

 Be Coachable

            There is no room for EGO in any worthwhile sport.. The best athletes in the world get there because of good coaching and the ability to learn.. We are all here to learn, train, and compete.. We definitely encourage you to be competitive and be proud of how far you have come.  We drill fundamentals a lot and repeat movements as a team. Your coach is there to make sure your are doing it right  and correct form when needed.  Your coach is there to get you to be faster and stronger in the safest way possible so take the advise. Every one of our coaches and instructors spend a lot of time Coaching each other too. 

You must Pay to Play..

              It cost money to have the equipment we have and our athletes pay for it. The open community is  invited to Saturday 10 am workouts because we want to share our toys but if you like them you have to invest to stick around.  The training fees to train here are listed in the Training rates page.  If you need to freeze your account  because you will be out of the country, loss of job, catastrophic injury or your on long term bed rest due to illness we understand. Just give us a heads up 14 days ahead of time. It's really simple. 

Clean up after yourself

Everything you touch will be used by someone else later in the day. You facility is built for you and needs your attention to help keep it clean. This includes keeping chalk in the bucket, cleaning your mat, bar, abmat, jump rope handles, pullup bars, and rower after every time you use it. If you really want some brownie points with coach, grab the push broom and sweep up the chalk on the ground. :) 

Show up

            When you sign up for training you are part of a team now and with that you are expected to show up to practice regularly. Siemerworks-CrossFit Effingham currently provides roughly 1500 workouts per year (not including private sessions) you can make it to 52 of them.  It is up to to you to show up and we will attempt every way to make times available for you to train.    

Make Goals

Set Plenty of short term and long term goals for yourself. You have a community that will support you and help you reach all of them.

Children must stay confined to the designated area. 

            We are all family here and want everyone to participate but we would never want a child to get hurt.  We don't mind at all if you would like to bring your child because you can't get a sitter but the children must behave and stay off the main training area during training. If you have some older children and would like them to watch some younger ones in the studio it would be great. Parents please sweep up and wipe down any messes they may have made. 


You must have shoes on to participate in training. No boots, no sandals, no barefoot, vibrams are fine. 

Shirts optional.  Yes, you can take your shirt off during the WOD only..  Just wipe your area down when your done. Women must have at least a sports bra on. I'm  pretty sure this is common sense.. 

Training Pants or shorts.  Although cut off jeans were popular in the 80s, they had a good run.  Pretty straight forward...

Besides what's listed above you can wear what ever you want as long as it does't get in the way of your progress.