Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant

IndoRow Instructor

Shockwave Instructor

HIIT Instructor

CrossFit Effingham Athlete

 Jen Chrappa, PTA, Group Fitness Instructor and CrossFit Athlete

Born and raised in and Effingham, I've always admired how our community stays so close to one another because being a mother myself of two wonderful daughters (Micaila and Alexis) I understand how a positively growing community is  crucial in the raising of children. So far being a mother is the most important endeavor I've experienced. 

I am a full time working PTA at RehabCare as well as an Fitness instructor when I'm not training myself. Working out to me is a passion of mine so that I may be healthy to enjoy all the blessings life has to offer as well as be a positive roll model for my kids. 

I love being a part of my CrossFit Family and being able to teach Indo-Row is just Icing on the Cake. Helping others reach their fitness goals while have a blast is so motivating to me to continue myown fitness goals myself! 

If you don't catch me trying to PR my double unders then you'll definitally see me rowing in the studio.

Other Fun Facts

Favorite Workout: "Annie" and obstacle races/events!! I completed my first 1/2 marathon in April 2013.

Favorite Cheat meal: UMMM.. yep. can't choose.. I love food especially when I'm trying to avoid certain ones.  Does anything count?