Forging Elite Fitness

Whether you are a Firefighter, Policeman, Teacher, Lawyer,  Single Parent, Retired, or Military, you have the Potential to become in the best shape of your life. The physical and mental abilities we encounter in life vary by degree not by kind. Everyone should be able to walk, run, lift heavy things, throw, balance, play, and learn. However, many of the skills that we had as children have been diluted by the belief that as we get older we should become complacent with our diminishing abilities. The body and mind can continue to get better anWho are We?d relatively stronger with proper training and nutrition until we leave this earth.

To put it plain and simple, 

You can be better tomorrow than you are today, if you want to be. 

It's up to you and you alone.

SiemerWorks-CrossFit Effingham is the training facility of your family, coworkers, neighbors and friends... This is not a group aerobics class, meditation class, or "headphones with a start button" while trying to get yourself into the magical "fat burning zone". Our programming is broad, general, inclusive and extremely successful at making you Lean, Fast, and Strong.

This is not a typical gym where you are left with no guidance to workout on your own and no accountability to show up. CrossFit Effingham is a community of dedicated people with one common interest:

To Get Better Together...

 "There is no single sport or activity that trains for perfect fitness. True fitness requires a compromise in adaptation broader than the demands of most every sport."

-Greg Glassman_

Founder of CrossFit

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