"There is no single sport or activity that trains for perfect fitness. True fitness requires a compromise in adaptation broader than the demands of most every sport."

-Greg Glassman_

Founder of CrossFit

<p>Spartan workout tour. Check!<br/>
Bootcamp starts tomorrow at 5:30<br/>
<a href="http://Www.crossfiteffingham.com/get-started">Www.crossfiteffingham.com/get-started</a><br/>
Aroo! #Spartansgx #spartanrace #spartanworkouttour (at Evergreen Hollow Park)</p>

Spartan workout tour. Check!
Bootcamp starts tomorrow at 5:30
Aroo! #Spartansgx #spartanrace #spartanworkouttour (at Evergreen Hollow Park)

Posted 6 days ago