"Iron Giant"

To be physically strong means nothing without a strong heart. Physically and metaphorically. We will be tackling both strength, conditioning and nutrition.

Get ready for the barbell!! This next 8 weeks you will be getting upclose and personal with the Barbell. Now, this doesn't mean you will not be conditioning or other monostructural or gymnasty movements. This just mean you will be getting some good barbell time during your week. Strength training is the very best way to get a lean and sexy physique but without proper nutrition at the foundation a lot of your hard work remains covered up by unnecessary fat. So over the next 8 weeks I challenge you to take control and start logging your intake using MyFitnessPal. Also, join the WolfPackNutrition page and start sharing your progress with me and the rest of the group. Enjoy this next 8 weeks of "Iron Giant" and crush some major goals! Breakdown Mondays - Power/conditioning/nutrition Tuesday - Oly, Skill, Speed Wednesday - Power, Conditioning Thursday - Oly & Aerobic Capacity Friday - Team WOD/Comp Training Saturday - Oly/Conditioning Sunday - Rest Day Of course the schedule can change at anytime for any reason.

Gym Activity